Mach2 owners for testing new PHD2 features


Hi everyone

Are you a Mach2 owner who uses PHD2 for guiding? is looking for some Mach2 owners to test enhancements to PHD2 that should improve the app for encoder mounts.
We are looking for testers who:
  • own a Mach2 mount and already have it set up and running
  • already use PHD2 for guiding
  • already have mount, guiding, etc. working reasonably well 

We have already successfully tested with AP encoder mounts so we don't need other types of encoders mounts such as 1100, 1600, etc.

The time requirements are fairly minimal, and you can help bring some new features that will help all encoder mount owners (including encoders for 1100, 1600, etc.) in the next release of PHD2

If you are interested please message me directly, thanks!



Brian Valente