File /Astro-Physics Brochures//Jim Phillips 06-1991

Harley Davidson

Hello Mike

I wanted to know what time frame the catalog I uploaded was date wise: Of course knowing when the last catalog was produced would also be good too.

BTW, very nice collection you uploaded Mike, thanks for that.


On 1/7/2022 11:27 AM, M Hambrick wrote:
This question is one that Marj or Karen will have to answer. When was the last Astro-Physics catalog published ? The last one that I had was from September 1999 (you can see it in the A-P Product Catalog ), and it was more of a newsletter than anything else explaining their notification list and production schedules.

I believe that at some point, A-P stopped sending out their catalogs and began using their web site exclusively, but I am not sure when that was. If there were any catalogs published after 1999, I would sure love to get them added to this database.