Re: Computer Questions

Emilio J. Robau, P.E.

I just don't see a big benefit to a NUC.  Basically the only thing I can see is power consumption.   In fact, I think it adds another level of complexity.  If you have to have a laptop to connect to the NUC or bring a monitor and a keyboard and a mouse, then what the heck.  Why not just buy a little more power capability and use a laptop and can the NUC.   In addition, if your rig is set up as a dual camera rig with two scopes as mine is (just received my 1100 for the field) then the NUC becomes even more difficult to integrate.  I purchase all my computer equipment from Dell Outlet and the prices are very reasonable.   I think adding a NUC may be pleasurable for the tinkerers and another technical challenge to pursue and get some satisfaction out of, but for me a good powerful laptop from Dell Outlet with enhanced memory is my simplest solution.  This is especially true if you are running two scopes and cameras.  Well actually two scopes and two cameras and one guide camera since I don't have encoders.

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