Almost Heaven Star Party and 7"AP

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Hello APUG,
It's always wonderful to go to Spruce Knob for astronomy and to take in nature's finest , even if the weather isn't perfectly clear!  I have posted a blog post and YouTube video from the most recent Almost Heaven Star Party put on by the Northern Virginia Astronomy Club and Experience Learning Center of Spruce Knob.  About 200 astronomers (sold out) attended this year.  

I set up next to Skip who did some wonderful outreach with an early child or Roland, a 7" f12? refractor.  Maybe mid-80's vintage?  The solar views were fabulous and many took in the night sky views with great reception.  
I imaged with 2 instruments, 92mm Stowaway and the RASA 8".  With the partly cloudy conditions, the Stowaway was gathering photons on classic M31 and M45.  The RASA is engaged in a narrow band project.  

Take a look at the blog or the YouTube video when you get a chance.  It was also my first light with a harmonic drive mount, the ZWO AM5.  The RASA was firmly imaging atop the Mach1GTO.

As a side note, thank you to George Whitney for assisting me with an  update to my 12 year old Mach1.  I proactively replaced the keypad battery with no issues!  Yes, the battery was still working fine!  And I upgraded to the V2 chip with no problems.  Clear skies!

Jeff Ball

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