Re: US Geography, Jet Stream, Seeing

Jay Freeman

Seeing in California depends on where you are, of course. I am not an imager, but from many sites in the coastal ranges near San Jose and  Monterey Bay, I frequently encountered visual seeing for a C-14 that was continuously good to excellent -- diffraction rings clearly visible and either wavering or rock-steady, for hours at a time. I employed a magnification of 978 on my C-14 usefully, the 4 mm Orthoscopic giving a better view of the Ring Nebula (looking for the central star) than the next eyepiece in my collection, a 6 mm, and I recall a wild view of the Moon at about 1200x in an 18-inch Dobson. (Can you say "stacked Barlows"?)

Now I live near Los Angeles, and from the local amateur sites that I have visited, it is uncommon to see diffraction rings, even at 80 mm aperture.

*Sigh* ...

-- Jay Reynolds Freeman, Deep-Sky Wishful Thinker
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