Re: US Geography, Jet Stream, Seeing

Emilio J. Robau, P.E.


I am struggling with the same thing.  You know it is August.  All my equipment was extracted from the observatory in late May.  I really miss not being able to image the summer skies.   

I went to Montana without the equipment for a few weeks and enjoyed beautiful night skies at 7k feet.   I was going to bring the equipment, but it was too much to lug across the Country.  Plus I came to realize that there were only four to max five hours of dark sky available for imaging due to the latitude.  Most people from up north would say, so what?  They are used to it.  I am not.  One good thing about S.W. Florida is we have an equal amount of day and night, so we have some longer nights all year long in which to image.   However, there is really no chance in the summer and it is long and hot.  

Every year about this time, I get so sick of our location that I just want to pack it up and leave for a variety of reasons, imaging being one of them.

I can tell you that the middle Atlantic is not that much better from what I can see, except that you may have a chance at summer imaging.  I also have a place outside of Asheville on a very large lake.   I have been there for 20 years on and off.  I don't think the imaging there would be that much better, except that you could get some summer night imaging done.

Everything is a compromise, family, budget, seeing, transparency and so on and so forth.

All I can tell you is that I am thinking the same.  S.W. Florida is so so in the winter.  The development of the area in general is heading towards the same thing that happened on the SE coast although a little less dense and a little more well planned having learned from some of the mistakes on the SE coast.  The light cone grows each and every day.  The traffic grows with it.   I have been in SW Florida for about 40 years.   I am thinking it is time to go experience something else.

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