Re: Jwst image of Proxima Centauri

M Hambrick

A couple months ago someone on Cloudy Nights posted a link to an article claiming to show telescope images of a nearby exoplanet. I don't remember any details (telescope, stellar system, etc), but the "image" of the exoplanet showed it in the partial (about 1/2 full) phase. I thought to myself, "Wow ! That must be a powerful telescope to be able to see an exoplanet in the partial phase."

I challenged that this "image" might have been an artist's rendering instead of a real image. The article and all traces of that post were pulled from the forum in less than an hour.

On a more serious note, has Hubble, JWST, or any earthbound telescope ever been able to actually resolve the disk of a star other than the Sun ? I once calculated what the angular diameter of Arcturus would be if it were the same distance as Proxima Centauri and got something like 0.001 Arc-seconds. 

It is probably a safe bet to say that at least for our hobby, the classical physics definition of all stars as point sources of light is safe for some time to come. Unless maybe Roland decides to make a 1-meter diameter APO scope :>)


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