Spacing options?

Brent Boshart

My camera setup is a ZWO 2600MM camera which is bolted to the ZWO EFW 7x36, bolted to a ZWO OAG-L, bolted to the ZWO tilt adapter. From the tilt adapter I have a PreciseParts adapter attached to the 92FF on my Stowaway.  I needed to move the sensor further away so put spacers between the ZWO tilt adapter and PP adapter.  Unfortunately I need just a little more length but am not comfortable spacing any further between the tilt adapter and PP adapter as there would be not many threads connecting.  Has anyone used spacers between the 92FF and PP adapter? Is that possible? I am trying to avoid a re-purchase of the PP adapter - it should have worked but there must be some variability with 2600mm specs???

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