computer monitors in a cold observatory


Hi Friends:
My observatory "warm-ish room" is unheated until I arrive for the night, then I fire up a couple of electric space heaters which will raise the temperature to a reasonable 50-plus degrees within an hour or so even on a very cold midwest winter night. I've always brought my laptop with me from home, so it is already at room temperature and operates with no problems. However, I would like to have a full size (27" maybe) desktop monitor that I will link to the laptop to give me more real estate for all the programs that I have open. The monitor of course will remain in the observatory so it will be in a cold condition until the room warms up. 

It looks like all the retailers offer either LCD or LED monitors. Is one or the other better suited for operating conditions like this, or perhaps neither? I disposed of a good old fashioned CRT monitor a few years ago which maybe was a mistake. Suggestions or advice from anyone with a similar situation is very much appreciated.

Gregory B. Miller  

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