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Funny the topic of lubricating gears goes all the way back to the development of pendulum clockworks. In the beginning the master clock makers knew how to match differing woods that contained natural oils and were self lubricating. This could not have been possible until after voyages to the new world - Africa and South America in particular - produced lubricious woods compatible with hard dry woods available to the new world clock makers. Metal clocks had been around since even the Egyptians and Greeks. But the pendulum clock demanded a higher level of lubricity on the pendulum mechanism even though a simpler device. -Best, Robert

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I took it from reading between the lines in Roland's earlier post that re-greasing wasn't a thing. Was I misreading that?


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Scott Hammonds has a great video on YouTube about regreasing A-P mounts.


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Send the mount to Park 1, unlock the clutches and push the mount to Park 4. Lock the clutches and then power cycle the mount (power off and then on). Tell the mount to resume from Park 4. The mount will then be using
I had this on my list to do and I suppose it is about time.  If you have encoders, do you then, after doing this do a plate solve and sync, then reconfigure the home position?  


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