Re: Two Solstice Transits

Alan Friedman

Hi Brian,

Mac computers still support firewire but it takes a couple of adapters to connect through the thunderbolt (USB C) port. PCs didn’t support power through the firewire bus which made it particularly difficult to run firewire cameras, I think. Biggest challenge is to find software to operate and process the streaming data… and Apple abandoned support for its Quicktime video protocol. So I am using a couple of Macs with older operating systems and running a wonderful Mac program called AstroIIDC which unfortunately is no longer available. 

My Macs, cameras, software, hardware and telescopes are all vintage at this point. Fortunately I am still a spring chicken. I will have to find a youngster someday soon who can teach me how to use a PC.


On Jun 23, 2022, at 6:56 PM, Brian McFarland <mcfarlandb04@...> wrote:

Hi Alan,

What do you use to talk to the Firewire camera? I have an older cooled camera that uses that interface but I've never been able to use it because no computer supports it anymore.  Awesome pics, by the way!

Thanks in advance!


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