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Thank you for reading the manual!  😊


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I might also add these wise words, also found in the manual.

"Using the entire worm wheel ensures even wear and extended life. Under normal use the mount moves back and forth using only one half of the worm wheel...the other half is not used.

Here’s what to do: Send the mount to Park 1, unlock the clutches and push the mount to Park 4. Lock the clutches and then power cycle the mount (power off and then on). Tell the mount to resume from Park 4. The mount will then be using

the other half of the worm wheel.

Note that it will be necessary to have the Keypad set to AutoConnect=NO (if initializing with the Keypad) or to set the AP V2 driver / APCC (if initializing from the computer) to Unpark from Park 4. Once this operation is done remember to reset to Unpark from Last Parked.

Do it twice a year...that should be enough."

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