Re: Two Solstice Transits

Konstantin von Poschinger

Hi Alan,

thanks for sharing this stunning images. Can you tell how you menage to get such a sharp H-Alpha sun with the ISS in a one shot image. The seeing conditions must have been absolutely superb. Or is this image a result of adding multiple images with one that has the iss in it. 
I would like to see your setup. 



Konstantin v. Poschinger

Hammerichstr. 5
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Am 23.06.2022 um 00:47 schrieb Alan Friedman <alan@...>:

Hi all,

I brought my f5 Stowaway and 400 mount about 10 miles from home yesterday for a meet-up with the sun and the ISS. It was an adventure I’ve done before - most recently on June 21, 2020, exactly two years ago. I had pretty good conditions both times.

The space station looks pretty much the same as it did two years ago. Our Sun was a different story altogether which moved me to do a comparison of the two captures side by side. Two years ago we were still in the depths of solar minimum. Yesterday the sun sported a bunch of active regions, large filaments - even a fast moving exploding prominence to welcome the 1/2 second flyby of the space station’s dragonfly silhouette.

Hope you enjoy the sunshine!

Best wishes,

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