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Roland Christen

"A digital focusing system will be available for imaging".
Feathertouch sells one that bolts right on.


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Speaking of the new scope, I was reading its description on the website again. Towards the end I read the following:
"A digital focusing system will be available for imaging".
What might that consist of?

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Dan Folz
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On Wed, Jun 22, 2022 at 09:33 PM, Dean Jacobsen wrote:
Yeah, I wouldn’t expect it to given my experience with my FSQ-106 and my APS-C camera at f/5.  Interestingly, I just purchased an ASI2400MC full frame OSC camera (5.94 micron pixels) for wide field shots this summer but haven’t had a chance to use it yet. I had planned to use it with the FSQ and the f/3.6 645 reducer but I do want to try a couple of tests at f/5 also and see how well the larger pixels cover up the chromatic aberration… if that is the proper term for the star shapes going wonky at the corners.
Dean Jacobsen 

That will be an interesting test.  I wonder at what pixel size optical correction becomes orders of magnitudes more difficult. 

I'm not sure what the phenomenon is that I see on the FSQ106.   It looks like stars are half gold and half blue.  Is that CA? Stars are also not perfectly round, but have some edge aberration.  

Also, for those reading, I'm not trashing the fsq106.  There are a number of imagers whom I have great respect for that produce incredible work with that scope... I'm just giving my unvarnished critique of the scope's performance.  I think a big part of the problem with the 106 is that the petzval design they use is susceptible to miscollimation after being banged around (maybe in shipping?).  That's another thing AP does right with scopes, it seems they are very tolerant of being handled roughly.  The lenses stay put.  I spent about two years considering the fsq106.  Bill Long convinced me to keep considering it while looking for a 130GTX.    I'm fortunate that a 130 ended up finding me.  

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