Re: Two Solstice Transits

Greg Vaughn

Hi Alan,


As others have commented, your images are superb!   An inspiration to me, in particular, to pursue solar imaging past the stage of imaging just the sunspots with a Baader filter on my telescope.


The ISS is so sharp and the chrominance and prominences are also so well defined and sharp - it all combines to be a very impressive image.


The comparison between this year and last year is very telling.    There was a period last year that I didn’t even check the sunspots, knowing there would be nothing to see.   Now, the Sun is rich with sunspots – and I’d sure like to be able to image in a similar manner.


Again, WOW!  Nice work.   Thanks for sharing!





p.s. I have chosen to get the collections of posts and feel that I’m a little late to the party – apologize for any duplication, but I also wanted to make sure I said how much I enjoyed these images!


Greg Vaughn

Alexandria, VA


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