Re: AIC 2022

Jim H

Perhaps Roland invented a dark-emitting-diode that will absorb light pollution?

On Fri, May 13, 2022 at 7:33 AM Howard Ritter via <> wrote:
Ford made a Galaxie 500 in the ‘60s. Multiple options, but no extender. Achieved the dubious distinction of being mobile but not portable.


On May12, 2022, at 1453, James Lowe <jimlowers@...> wrote:

I’ve got it!  


It’s going to be a doublet apo refractor, but convertible from an f/5 to a f/10 with an extender ala Takahashi FC-76 DCU + EX-CQ, so that it will do double duty as both an imaging and a visual scope.  As it will split in the middle to accommodate the extender, the entire setup will fit into a compact airline compatible carry-on hardcase.


It will have an 88mm aperture, and (surprise) a fine, very precise, single-speed focuser to improve reliability and reduce weight and complexity.  It will be called the Galaxy 500!


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