Re: Variations on the Cone Nebula


Very nice. Looks a bit like the kitchen countertops.- Best, Robert

On 01/12/2022 2:48 PM Alex <groups@...> wrote:

Ok, another clear night allowing me to finish up another target, the cone nebula.

I’m overall happy with it, but there is one thing bugging me and that’s the OIII blob on the right side of the frame.  When showing it to the wife and kid, they find it to be a distraction from the rest of the image as it pops out compared with the more ethereal pastel coloring of the rest of the image.  On the other hand, I’m not finding many Cone Nebula image that include it, making it more unique.  On the third hand, perhaps people don’t include it for a reason?  Here's a cropped version as well.  Any opinions one way or another?


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