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Chris Cook

Good stories.  I have a few from my California days.  One morning in Anza-Borrego State Park, while dozing in my tent after a long night of imaging, a group of guys walked by our campsite shooting their weapons.  Not sure what they were shooting at.  Let's just say it woke me up.  Another time, again in Anza-Borrego, I was camped out with our group., which consisted of four guys, were cooking breakfast around 9am.  All of the sudden a guy riding his mountain bike completely naked pulls up into our campsite asking what we were doing with all the telescopes.  LOL!  We all ignored him and he eventually rode off.  One final story is from June 1992.  Our same imaging group was camped on top of Palomar Mountain.  It was such a beautiful warm night I decided to sleep outside in a chase lounge camp chair. It was early dawn just before sunrise when I heard a low rumble in the distance.  I thought it was a plane but about 5 seconds later the ground shook and it was a earthquake!  I had actually heard the quake coming.  It ended up being mag 7.3 near Landers.  A few hours later the mag 6.5 Big Bear quake was also felt.         


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Great story Rolando! I will share one I "might" have shared long ago:

Doing a manually guided shot on film, my cats are outside with me. My tabby is under the tripod bumping into me and everything else so I shoo her away, finish the shot then look up to see that she's a few feet away eating an apple on the ground. I get up, go over to pick her up and take her into the house. I then mentally comment "Odd, her white markings are on her chest not her back. Whoa!!" I literally had my hands a few inches from the skunk's body to pick it up when I realized who had been bumping around under my tripod and through my legs!

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Great stories.

I too have critters that accompany me in the AP observatory. Besides the mice and chipmunks who like to climb up the inside of the telescope piers, I have a bunch of coyotes in the field behind the observatory. Whenever there is an ambulance or police car with sirens on the nearby highway the coyotes will howl and yip along with them. I have howled along with them, but they don't seem impressed with my songs.

One day I was working inside my observatory when I was startled by a loud bang on the roof. I checked outside but saw nothing. A minute later there was another bang followed by another. I rushed outside and saw a big crow at the peak of the roof dropping a fairly large stone onto the roof and was watching it roll down the steel panels, and obviously quite amused.


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Not particularly about AP products, but perhaps entertaining ...

And you imagers may be amused by a few recollections of an evening lecture at the late, lamented Riverside Telescope Makers' Convention, some time about 1980. The topic was avoiding errors in photographic imaging of deep-sky objects, using a technology left over from before the Cretaceous / Tertiary asteroid strike, featuring something called "film".

Slides were projected. I particularly remember one called "The Blank Frame", which was further explained as a 1/125-th second exposure of M31, followed by 45 minutes of careful hand-guiding. Another was "The Mark Of Zorro", and there were several variants here, depending on whether it was the family cat or dog that had rubbed up against the tripod leg. And I think there was a completely transparent slide which was the result of a nice exposure of M13 after which the telescope operator had fallen asleep until shortly after sunrise.

Anyway, clear sky to you all ...

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