Re: A Trio in Cygnus

Karen Christen

Wow, that's really nice, Alex!

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Sent: Thursday, November 25, 2021 2:40:27 AM
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Subject: [ap-ug] A Trio in Cygnus
I've been working on several targets, but I need to wait until midnight or so for them to rise high enough, so I needed something else to shoot before hand.  I recently saw a nice image of SH2-115 in Cygnus, so decide to take a crack at it.  When planing the shot in SGP's framing wizard, I noticed this other nebula off to the side, SH-112.  Most SH2-115 images don't include it, so I though I'd add that in as well.  My initial attempt had Deneb fairly close to a corner and resulted in some annoying reflections.  I changed the orientation to move Deneb further off frame and that did the trick.  It had the additional advantage of being a more pleasing composition to my eye. 

Some day I'm going to have to figure out how to eliminate these off sensor bright star reflections.  I'm starting to shoot the Horsehead, and the second star in Orion's belt, Alnilam is off frame causing some streaks.

As with a lot of targets along the Milky Way, it's very star rich.  I decided to shoot some RGB stars separately, and with the magic of StarXTerminator, I swapped them in for the NB stars.  I didn't stretch the RGB stars as much so they'd be less intrusive.


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