Re: Thermal Management--RH305

Greg Bradley

Hi Jared,

I have only used the thermal blanket supplied with the scope.
I use a FLI Atlas focuser and have been using a QHY6000M camera.

I would take the back covers off before an imaging run. I find that helps a lot in achieving fine focus and tighter stars.

But the temperature swings are hard on that system. I use temperature compensation with the Atlas focuser. It works better with theĀ 
FLI Proline 16803 with its 9 micron pixels. The QHY600m with its 3.76 micron pixels is harder on any scope's optics and it shows up
weak focus that the Proline would not show.

Additionally the temperature shifts are not straight line relationships but more of a curve. The initial drop in temp seems to affect focus the most.

So I would usually cool the scope as early as possible. Then focus and take some images then refocus after about an hour where it would tighten up coinsiderably.

Then set temp compensation to around 350 steps per degree C.

Ideally you would set up autofocus meaning Focus Max every 1-2C shift or some other focusing software. I asked about what is the best autofocus software and a lotĀ 
said Nina.

I don't like the idea of Focusmax slewing to another star, refocusing then plate solving back. I find plate solving to be unreliable at times and a bit quirky. Great when it works if it works.


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