Re: NGC7822, Sharpless171, LBN583 (Cep) - Hot Stars with Cosmic Pillars of Dust / OSC 3.3 hours


Star Xterminator is available for PI now, and it's quite good

On Mon, Oct 18, 2021 at 8:30 PM John Jennings <johnrogerjennings@...> wrote:

I did use Starnet++ in PI to remove and reinsert the stars. I have the new StarXterminator but it won't run on my old Photoshop CS3. I'm looking for a solution for that. I wish Russ would port it to PI or something else. I refuse to pay a monthly fee to use photoshop.  But my new computer is like pure lightening. Everything runs so much faster. I can rip through all the image processing in a blink.  With a Intel I9-10850 processor with a Radian GPU, 4TB SSD main disk, 32GB ram and Asus Gaming motherboard!  I try to cut all the corners to be most efficient with my time from imaging to processing. 


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