Re: NGC7822, Sharpless171, LBN583 (Cep) - Hot Stars with Cosmic Pillars of Dust / OSC 3.3 hours

John Jennings


I just used PI to extract the channels from my previously finished and posted image. (NBZ) Didn't do anything new but stretched the curves on the new (G) =0.6*r + 0.4g to be similar to the red channel. No new background reduction or anything but plain old curve bending etc Then combined as LRGB where  L=r, R=r, G=0.6*r + 0.4g, B=G(original). Then twisted and modified the color balance to suite. 

I was originally planning on doing a lot more of this, but my AP130GT with Quad TCC is nearly ready to attach to the same mount as the AP155. (AP1200 mount)  Both scopes have their own complete NUC and computer setup with separate controls. The 130GT will have a QHY600MM + true narrowband setup on it. I will have the choice to do true narrow or broad band imaging with the 130 or deep space / galaxy hunting with the AP155 QHY268C color setup.  


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