Re: NGC7822, Sharpless171, LBN583 (Cep) - Hot Stars with Cosmic Pillars of Dust / OSC 3.3 hours


Nicely done John!!

On Sat, 16 Oct 2021 at 12:35, John Jennings <johnrogerjennings@...> wrote:
There's a whole lot of action going on here looking at the plate solve. Some real hot stars. I shot this in between galaxy hunting with the 155. The moon was up so I made a run of 55 images from dusk to dawn and threw out over half that had low contrast ratios as per CCD inspector. I was kind of surprised of how well the IDAS NBZ OSC filter worked since it has wide quad band 10nm skirts. Could probably do with some more subs, but I'm going with this version and moving on.


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