Re: [ap-gto] Two videos about the AP 175 F/8 refractor

M Hambrick

For whatever it's worth I have been using Roland's method for setting my 180 EDT into the open rings, but I have found that the felt lining in the rings does not hold up very well when I install then remove the scope from the rings every time I get it out.

What I have observed is that the felt (or adhesive) is shrinking, and as it does so it pulls the felt away from the ring and stretches it out (see photo). I think that this is happening because the felt is getting exposed to moisture and dew when I am taking everything down at the end of the observing session. Once the felt it gets wet it shrinks. 

At some point in the near future I am going to have to replace the felt strips in these rings which are barely 2 years old. I believe that leaving the scope attached to the rings would minimize or eliminate this shrinkage.


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