Re: Uranus with Mak Cass

Bill Long

Wow! Awesome shot!

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Sent: Tuesday, October 5, 2021 8:35 AM
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Subject: [ap-ug] Uranus with Mak Cass

A remarkable night of arc second and sub arcsecond seeing with the all reflecting refractor. 
Hubble Space Telescope, Uranus, 2018.
Gleason, 10" Earthbound Telescope,  Uranus, 2021.      Uranus north polar hood visible with 685nm NIR filter.  False color image.   
Astro Physics 254mm f/14.5 Mak-cass
QHY5III462C color cmos camera
Takahashi 1.6X extender
Atilia 685nm NIR filter.
8000 frames at 20 fps. Mild wavelet processing. 
Location: Fremont Peak State Park

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