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I have often wondered the trade off in maxing out RAM and a SSD versus upgrading to the next faster CPU. I believe maxing out RAM will improve a system's speed up to a point over buying the newest faster CPU as all the calculations happen in multiple virtual RAM machines rather than in the CPU and/or SSD. Though a SSD does give a significant boost in speed over a conventional hard drive - no mechanical picking and putting. This is as most of the computations occur in RAM outside the CPU and hard drive. The use of virtual RAM drives is what gave rise to the GUI in Windows 3 though one could create virtual RAM drives in MS OS's as early as DOS 3. All said I agree with William Joy that Unix and its descendant Linux is by far the best (faster) operating system and easiest to code. At this point I would rather pile on as much RAM and graphic card as one can afford than build a entirely new system. -Best, Robert

On 10/02/2021 1:10 PM Eric Weiner <weinere@...> wrote:

Nice work Alex. I totally understand what you mean with PixInsight. About a year ago I got tired of the time it was taking to experiment. I finally replaced the i7-4770k gaming rig I built back in 2014 with a home built 3990X machine. It’s a bit overkill but I’m very happy with it since processing times are 1/4 what they used to be. You could have similar results spending a lot less money with other Ryzen CPUs. 

Using Linux is the key to really fast processing. I’ve got Linux installed on its own M.2 drive. I’ve got widows on a separate M.2 raid 10. My PC is the first listed in the PixInsight benchmark results, link below. That’s without overclocking and no fancy cooling loops. Simply a Noctua NH-U14S with an extra fan. I went for super quiet and blacked out versus flashy lights and loud radiator fans for this build. 


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