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In Ca we have the bannan slug as the mascot for UCSC. -Best, Robert

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Also, since we just talked in another thread about what certain acronyms might mean, NUTS might be an acronym. “Night Under The Stars” comes to mind. I think “Astro-Nuts” is an endearing term, but I worked at Ohio State University for some time where everybody is referred to as a Buckeye, which is even a poisonous nut. However, I understand if some of us feel a bit uncomfortable being called a nut.


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Astro-nuts. Nuts are good for you.


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Its what her dad calls us. I think its charming.

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Hi Karen,

I don’t know the long term history of the expression Astro-Nuts but it would seem to me time to elevate it by write in suggestions, polls etc. What do you think? I know that i always resented on some level being id’d as a geek, nerd or whatever for being an electronics/computer pro and it would seem that we could come up with a better description for amateur to pro astronomers! At least let’s please think it over!


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