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In my case mods. Some of the old Newts have mirrors figured more accurately than what is sold today even if the OTA  has gone to the dogs. That said they allways seem to require a mirror recoat and will require a recoated mirror every 10-15 years but the end result is equal or better than most. -Best, Robert

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Very nice! Those Skywatcher Newts produce some really good data. Is that scope as is from the manufacturer or are there mods people have made to get more out of them? 

Either way great image!

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What Brian said 👇👇  That’s gorgeous.




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Fantastic image Scott!

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Earlier this month I posted images cropped from this field of NGC7331 and Stephan's Quintet, both using only the RGB subs I shot during the previous lunar cycle.  I held off shooting the luminance data until the target was both higher in the sky and the local sky conditions improved.  Last night my patience was rewarded with good transparency and sub 2 arcsec seeing, which is rare for north Georgia.  Guiding with the 1100GTO was excellent, coming in under 0.4 arcsec for the 2 hour run including dithers.  The addition of the luminance data really helped bring out the fine details that were missing previously.  Equipment was my usual galaxy rig consisting of a 12" newtonian/ASI2600MM-Pro/1100GTO.

Thanks for looking and clear skies,



Brian Valente

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