Re: Barnard 150- The Serpent


That's what I did awhile ago with your photo of Comet Neowise to reveal the spiraling jet or jets contrasting it to the max. I don't think you liked that post processing exercise either. But it did reveal the distinct spiral movement and whether caused by multiple jets or one large jet was a subject left TBD.

To me raw images taken straight from the camera are difficult to resolve into "true" colors if there is such a thing. With the use of PS all sorts of manipulation is possible. Some result in useful images others just a pretty picture.

Exactly how a planetary or stellar object should appear to the human eye seems to be quite a subjective exercise. I am even adverse to using the sharpen or contrast function as some objects just may be unsharp to begin with. Perhaps you could say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. -Best, Robert

On 09/16/2021 8:07 PM Chris White <chris.white@...> wrote:

That's pretty cool, but kinda cheating ;^))


All post processing is kind of

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