Re: New Image: Sh2 79 in HaRGB with the AP155


Thanks Chris! I agree, the H-Alpha really makes it work. Otherwise pretty drab (other than pretty stars).

On Wed, 15 Sept 2021 at 09:43, Chris Cook <chris@...> wrote:
The star colors in the RGB are super but the Ha just pops with these paint targets.

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This is almost a snapshot compared to the previous Sharpless objects I posted. 

15x20min H-Alpha - a mere 5 hours!
12/6/6x10min RGB

With only six subs in Green and Blue it was noisier than I wished and even the h-alpha, needing to be stretched HARD, was noisy. The h-alpha version below the HaRGB has been further processed vs. what was used in the composite. So it might look a little overly smoothed. 

Comments / critiques welcome and appreciated as always!

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