Re: NGC 6995 in Cygnus


Steve, this is a classic treatment of a classic target! Kudos! I was wondering when we'd see your next "symphony"!

On Sat, 11 Sept 2021 at 18:08, Steve Nightingale <slnightingale@...> wrote:

Well it's been a long time since I've been able to image...but I was able to get out last night to shoot an old favorite. 160EDF with 160TCC; Nikon D53oo APS-C sensor. No cropping to show field of view with this combo.

4 hours of 2 minute subs, stacked in DSS and fussed with in Photoshop.

Constructive criticism welcome (I get enough regular criticism around here).  ;>),,,20,2,0,0


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