Re: NGC 6995 in Cygnus


This is what happens when you compose a virtuouso contrapunctal compostion for more than one instrument. You end up kicking the bucket in the middle of arguably one of your last best compositions and no one left with the genius to complete it. -Best, Robert

On 09/11/2021 3:32 PM Pete Lardizabal <p14@...> wrote:

Beautiful image Steve!

Only criticism is that it has too many stars… not unlike Mozart’s use of notes. 



On Sep 11, 2021, at 6:08 PM, Steve Nightingale <slnightingale@...> wrote:


Well it's been a long time since I've been able to image...but I was able to get out last night to shoot an old favorite. 160EDF with 160TCC; Nikon D53oo APS-C sensor. No cropping to show field of view with this combo.

4 hours of 2 minute subs, stacked in DSS and fussed with in Photoshop.

Constructive criticism welcome (I get enough regular criticism around here).  ;>),,,20,2,0,0


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