Re: Questoin for Roland: Waited too long to buy 175TCC (discontinued) for my QUADTCC is as good of a solution.


Thanks again. Forgot to mention the sensitivity of a jot camera is essentially one photon per equivalent pixel with 0 s/n. -Best, Robert 

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My two cents: I would agree with your statement that CCD technology has seen its best days. The amount of money that is spent on CMOS technology annually (My wife works for TSMC and they will likely spend in excess of $30 billion this year on research and new CMOS equipment) dwarfs anything that has ever been spent on CCD technology. None of the current top tier camera companies utilize CCD technology for their main stream personal cameras. All now use CMOS. 

There was another alternative to CMOS and CCD that utilized silicon to filter out RGB data called Fovean. The beauty of this technology was each pixel decodes RGB color dependent upon the varying depth of penetration of the various colors in silicon substrates. In essence, three times the resolution for the same number of pixels. (No Debayer) The company in question never did that well because CMOS was considered lower risk by Sony, Nikon, Canon, etc. The only company to produce a personal SLR camera with the Fovean silicon technology was Sigma. I worked for National Semiconductor for seven years which is the company that funded the initial research into the Fovean silicon solution. 

No turning back at this stage. CMOS will continue to dominate until they hit a physical brick wall that prevents further transistor shrinkage. So far, they keep finding ways around so called limits but the costs to do so grow exponentially.  ($3 plus billion to set up a cutting edge fab line, soon to be 5 billion, etc.)


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