Re: Which Camera?

Bill Long

I'm with Chris on this. I got rid of my ASI 6200 due to excessive tilt problems and have no plans to add another imx455 until we get reports from Atik APX60 users. The QHY600 issues Ram noted are why I am passing on that camera as well. If I were in the market I would hold until Atik releases.

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I'm not very satisfied with my ZWO 6200 to be honest.  Sensor tilt is has been a real chore for me to deal with, and thankfully I can fit a Gerd CTU in my image train for precise adjustment, but based on all the reading I have done this is a much bigger problem for ZWO than it is for QHY.   I would have gone with QHY knowing what I know now. 

Atik has announced the APX60 which uses the same sensor IMX455 and I have had conversations with Vince about QC and sensor orthogonality.   They will guarantee precision mounting to 10 microns of precision, which to me is a selling point for such a large sensor and such small pixels.  Estimated availability is september, and I'm seriously considering selling my ZWO to purchase the Atik. 

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