Re: New Image: Sh2-155 aka The Cave aka Caldwell 9 with my AP155


Same here in northern Marin valleys. Right now the thermometer is at 101 and climbing. Topped out 2 days ago at 108 and heard Death Valley got up to 126 yesterday and higher today may be a tie breaker.

Viewing up here was surprisingly good last night and even the far east origin scopes gave great views at least of the moon with good eyepieces.

Heat stroke is nothing to mess with. Better to rest than test your scope.

-Best, Robert

On 06/18/2021 11:38 AM Ross Elkins <> wrote:

Another beautiful shot Stewart! I had carpal tunnel surgery on June 7 and my right hand is still weak but we are having some great seeing in conjunction with a huge heat wave, so I painfully assembled my G11, the 155 and the Stowaway on top late yesterday. By the time I finished balancing for two different configurations I was exhausted from the heat all day plus all the nights work! Put the cover over everything and immediately fell asleep in our nice cold California nights with a good breeze blowing off the bay! We broke all the records yesterday. As I drove down a street, my cars outside thermometer said 108º and I heard of Death Valley temps all over the place but fortunately no fires. Fog’s supposed to return soon!


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