Re: Suggestions for Stowaway Tripod and Head

wes Bolin

FYI I own a Stowaway and have a portable set-up.  I tried several iterations and I have ended up with a configuration that meets my visual "requirements".  I have a DiscMounts DM-4 mount with encoders and SkyCommander computer.  It attaches to the 3/8 stud on my Sirui-3004 tripod.  The tripod is rated at 55 lbs capacity and
has a hook under the top plate that I hang a stabilizing weight for more stability.
The tripod is good for portability with a minimal size and weight.  But, some of my viewing does not need the compactness, so I use my Losmandy HD tripod with the DM-4.
In order to mount the DM-4 on the Losmandy tripod, I had a machine shop make a steel adapter that fits on the tripod and has a 3/8 inch stud for the DM-4.  It weighs about 10 lbs. 
 I use a threaded coupler on an eye bolt, and attach it to the tripod hook and the steel adapter, and hang it under the tripod. It gives me much more stability/lower damping time when I use the compact tripod, and move it to the Losmandy tripod when needed.  I don't "need" the weight but it improves the stability.  I also use Dryer vibration pads under the tripod feet if I am on a hard surface.
One case for the mount, a bag for the tripod, and another bag for the steel weight, vibration pads, misc. hardware, and stuff.  I absolutely enjoy taking the Stowaway away from my light dome out into the countryside for viewing with a quick and easy set-up and tear-down.  I hope you enjoy your Stowaway with a portable mount too.

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I am also interested if Kent does not buy it...


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