Re: Suggestions for Stowaway Tripod and Head

Dan Purjes

I recently bought the Innorel RTC-90 tripod to use with a Rainbow Astro RST-35 mount I acquired at the same time. This is a carbon fiber tripod that weighs only 6 or 7 pounds but is rated for an 88-pound weight capacity. It is the best lightweight tripod I’ve ever had. It is sufficiently tall for a 6’ person, especially if a pier or half-pier, such as sold by Rainbow Astro for several different tripods. is bolted onto the top of the tripod. It collapses to a 2’ length for travel or backpacking. 

the Rainbow Astro mount is also a thing of beauty. It can be used as an alt-az mount or as an equatorial mount with motorized GoTo functionality.  It is tiny compared to most mounts, weighing only 7 pounds but capable of handling 30 pounds or more. 

I have used this setup with a number of AP scopes.  The Stowaway is a breeze. The AP-130
GTX is no problem. I’ve even heard of people using this setup with a 9” SCT. The tripod is rigid, does not flex and is rock steady. I have not yet used either setup with camera equipment. 

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