Suggestions for Stowaway Tripod and Head


I'm looking for suggestions for a new tripod and head for my still-almost-new Stowaway. I have two tripods that I want to replace with one.

The first, for terrestrial work, is a lightweight aluminum1950’s vintage camera tripod I inherited many years ago from my Dad. It’s now beyond repair. The second is a 15-year-old TeleVue Panoramic with a TelePod head (once housed a TV-85) for simple astronomical work. It’s awkwardly portable and a bit messy to set up. I’d like to replace both with one modern tripod and head that is rigid, stable and portable. I do mount cameras on the Stowaway – both dedicated astro cameras (mainly lunar and solar) and a digital Sony camera. I think the fully-loaded weight would be a max of about 12-16 pounds. I'm 6' tall, so I'd like one "matched" to my height..

If it could also sometimes hold my 130 GTX, that would be great (hint, hint) ... but that's not the main point.

I have a Mach1 for more advanced astronomical work, so I’m not currently looking for guiding solutions.

Thanks in advance for any recommendations you may have.

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