Re: looking for an AP400 Goto mount


Rob- Good luck. With A-P products posted on Astro Mart they only last a few hours or perhaps a day. Also, keep an eye open for auctions on Astro Mart as opposed to the classifieds. I have been in the market for a late model AltAz mount for over a year and can't count the times I've been beaten out of a sale due the fact I live in CA and posts are made primarily on the East Coast which transacted while I was asleep. That said I have made some very good acquisitions on AM which I attribute to the luck of the draw or just good timing. -Best, Robert 

On 06/02/2021 5:24 AM albireo1313@... wrote:
I hope I am not violating rules but, I just recently picked up a AP 130EDT f/8 and need a decent mount.  I am hoping I can find a AP-400 Goto if possible.
Anyone know of any available?
I know they are as rare as hen's teeth.


New Hampshire
AP Traveler on Gibralter mount

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