Re: Info about 130GTX + 0.72x QuadTCC + ASI6200


         ---  Yes, 100.6mm is correct for the GT lens. If you focus for best focus in the corners, the stars overall should be sharp and round.-----

I thought the GT and GTX lenses were identical apart from the oil bath, interesting to learn!
Does this imply that with a GTX the result in the corners will be better? Or easier to obtain?
In this image, I just manually adjusted the focus and this is the best result I got, as you can see on the astap analysis, the center is higher than the corners. When I do autofocus, it's the opposite (2.60 in the center and more than 3.00 in the corners) but in this case the corners are even worse.

I have also tested this combination with movements of 0.2mm. -------

Fred I would be curious to see your result, it will be interesting to compare.
I enclose a wetransfer link with the complete image.
And here is a close-up on the 4 corners,


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