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Thanks for your informative post. You have pretty well covered the field. I only have one of the Canon fluorite telephotos and it has been a top performer up until the last major film processor went out of business. I recall the Canon pre production literature for the lens boasting the elimination of chromatic aberration by the use of fluorite elements and I jumped on it. It was routinely on backorder for several months. -Best, Robert

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I don’t have the FL-F 300/5.6 which had two fluorite elements but I do have the 300/2.8 SSC Fluorite.  This is famously the lens that captured Kissinger’s Helsinki Accords document with a 2x TC.,33009,917775,00.html

it is very good and has almost no chromatic aberration.  Much better than the Canon FD 800/5.6 which has a FPL-51 element.  However the 200/1.8L had lower chromatic aberration and sharpness than my FL-F 300/2.8. 

My Astro Physics 130EDF has no detectable chromatic aberration which puts it ahead of all of the Canon’s.

I sold my EF200/1.8L but have kept my 300/2.8 Fluorite and the FD800/5.6L.  The figure on the 800/5.6 is better than the 300 and 200 when looking at contrast and sharpness.

I had a Nikon 200/2 Ai-S which has more CA than the Canon.

I have a FujiFilm XF200/2 which is the best lens I have used, period.  On a 24 megapixel X-Trans camera, I can get moire on an eyelash!  It feels as well built as the AP130EDF despite all of its electronics.  

I also have the VSD100 which has more CA than the AP130EDF and XF200/2 but works really well in its wide field of view still.

I have Pentax 645 and 67 lenses which are great for
portraits but not in the same class as the other lenses mentioned.

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