Re: ROR Design


I should hope so. Most of us don't have the benefit of the Canadian Shield as a platform for a pier. Though it may be prone to things like heavy machinery bumping down the road. Here in the San Francisco area we would use isolation tables for precise permanent installations due frequent shakes. But if you have the Canadian shield you may as well use it. -Best, Robert

On 04/29/2021 3:37 PM Stuart <stuart.j.heggie@...> wrote:
Robert I have a friend who's pier is bolted to a dome of the Canadian Shield poking out of his land in rural Ontario. I suspect his pier is mounted on something north of 100mm tonnes. Pretty stable!

On Thu, 29 Apr 2021 at 18:25, ROBERT WYNNE < robert-wynne@...> wrote:
True all that. Plus I was thinking of adding a solid concrete platform to isolate those intermittent bumps you might get from traffic - you don't really need all that extra concrete except for continuity. The 180, if you need to walk around it during a session may be tight. You could get away with a 4' diameter 2' thick isolation platform poured over sand. The best isolation platform set up I've ever seen is 4" X 4' oak driven into an isolated sand box over which a 2' thick concrete pad was poured - very little external vibrations even at 25 Angstroms. -Best, Robert
On 04/29/2021 2:41 PM Shailesh Trivedi < strivedi@...> wrote:

8x8 base is my space limitation, my pad can be 9x9 max. The height of 8 ft is ok since my tallest TEC 180FL in Park 3 is 62 inches off the concrete, so 96 inches should provide more than enough headroom. Stuart has two piers, I have only one.




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