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I ended up just putting that hand controller aside and using one from one of my other mounts and everything worked perfectly. I’m amazed at how quiet the AP 600 goto mount is.

Here is a photo of my original AP 155 F/7 on a 600 E GOTO mount. Ordered it and got both the scope and mount in 6 months. Early 1990’s.


And here is my present AP 155 F/7 and AP 600 GOTO Mount from about 2002-2003.

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I know I am pretty stupid at times but I’m not sure what to do now. I just purchased a used but in excellent condition AP 600 E goto.  Last night while checking it out I was not able to set the time and date because I got a message saying you cannot change time and date while at LOC: E.
I was not able to get out of LOC: E. Can anyone help?



Jim Phillips

Jim Phillips

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