Re: File /Astro-Physics Brochures/Astro-Physics Brochure, 941202.pdf uploaded #file-notice

M Hambrick

Thanks Holger

I still have a couple more catalogs left to scan from 1997 and 1999, and I will try to get these uploaded soon. There is a 3-year gap from 1994 to 1997 during which I did not get any catalogs, and I do not have one for 1998 either. The Astro-Physics product line was evolving rapidly during the entire 1990's, and I am hoping that maybe some of the other forum members have catalogs for these periods. 

I do not have any catalogs after 1999, but if there were any it would be nice to include them in the database. I think there was some point in time at which they quit sending out paper catalogs, but I am not sure when that was. Maybe Karen or Marj (after she gets back from Hawaii) can tell us.


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