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Thanks for confirming Roland. 

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The 130GTX has zero lateral color.
All eyepieces have lateral color to some greater or lesser extent.


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Thanks for your inputs, all.

It was slightly cloudy last night but had a few minutes here and there to try this out. 

Tried with my Ethos 17, and my usual planetary eyepiece -- Nagler 3-6mm, and also with Panoptic 24+Powermate 2x. The Nagler had zero CA but ofcourze it was zoomed in when I was viewing at 6mm and 5mm (4mm was not at all comfortable). Ethos had just a tiny bit of CA farther from the center. The Powermate 2x on the Panoptic 24 didn't help - the edge that is farthest from the center of the eyepiece still had noticeable CA.

Perhaps I'm getting more picky / getting better at observing, because I somehow don't remember seeing this on my Tele Vue NP127is. It's possible that I just didn't notice the CA on my other scopes even if it was present.  I gave away the 127is now since I got the 130gtx so I can't do a side by side comparison.

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If you used another 24 Panoptic you have not removed the source of the problem. If a 24 Panoptic causes the color then  all 24 Panoptics will likely do the same thing. You need to try a different eyepiece but not another 24 Panoptic.


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Be sure the edge of the moon is in the center of the eyepiece when looking for color.  Otherwise, especially in wider FOV eyepieces you may see the lateral CA of the eyepiece as Holger has said.

Jim Phillips

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