Re: Roland's October 1981 Sky & Telescope article: "An Apochromatic Triplet Objective"


I was impressed with the Astro-Physics advertisements featuring Christen ladies in front of A-P's latest and greatest and wondered if there was some precedent. I found an article that mentioned a Southern California telescope vendor credited with the first "modern" approach to sales marketing. It included a photo of the vendor's line of Newtonians with a female model showcasing the scopes in front of the store. Wonder if Roland had any relationship with the vendor or otherwise emulated the advertising which is attributed akin to advertising used by '50 - 60's car dealerships? -Best, Robert

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Guys – Did you say Party phones that went along with the patch panel?  And scary glow of the lines when a lightning storm went through? 


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I can (barely) remember when rotary phones would have been called "high-tech", except that the term had not been invented yet. Would you folks know what to do if you put a phone to your ear and heard someone saying "Number, please"? (Wouldn't that be a cute feature when opening a 'phone app?)


And there are still plenty of telescope mirrors that predate Roland's triplets, and even predate Roland, that are still doing yeoman duty today.

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Anyone seen a video of a millennial attempting to use a rotary phone for the  first time without instruction? Hilarious. What we take for granted is already lost to the ages. -Best, Robert

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It’s amazing how useful a Christen triplet from that era remains as compared other contemporary technological innovations such as the rotary dial telephone. Some things really do stand the test of time.


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