GTICP5 USB Connection issues

Wayne Hixson

I think this is a question for Ray. I haven had my Mach2 operating in probably a month. This is probably a question for Ray. I hadn’t been connected to my Mach2 in probably a month. I use an Eagle 3 mounted to the top of my 130GTX with through the mount USB. I booted up and it wouldn’t connect. I installed the latest APCC and I’m at the latest ASCOM driver level. Still wouldn’t connect. 

I did try Ethernet and it worked. The USB port was 3. I looked in Device Manager and there were 2 port 3s. I uninstalled one and rebooted. It still won’t connect but I am getting unintelligible ASCII characters in the APCC Firmware and Encoder fields. What should I try now?


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