Re: RS-232


For many years, laptops have stopped using the 9-pin RS-232 port for the 15-pin port.  This in itself requires that more adapters need to be used to connect via RS-232 to the CP electronics.  The other day, I spent two evenings trying to replace a corrupted database in my Mach1 Keypad  I started out using my MacBook Pro partitioned with Parallels and running Win 10 64.  After downloading APs Keypad Database Tool, Win 10 wouldn't open it up, even after installing the other AP recommended utilities. Howard Hedlund helping me out acknowledged this for Win 10.  Win 10 is here and AP needs to get onboard with it.  Hanging on to RS-232 is like hanging on to Win 7. Since my laptop doesn't have a RS-232 port, I connected a RS-232-to-USB cable between it and the CP4 electronics.  Win 10 wouldn't recognize this connection between the two even after installing the driver for it.  Frustrated, I then used a late 2000's laptop PC with Win 7 32.  The Win 7 wouldn't even open up the Keypad Database Tool and the PC had the usual 15-pin RS-232 port, something I had no cable for to connect to the 9-pin RS-232 port on the CP4. Do you see where I'm going?  For a average owner of a AP mount who just wants to operate it for observing, and doesn't use an observatory, it becomes very difficult to manage their expensive mount electronics with support that doesn't work easily, if at all.  These mounts should be as easy to update and reload software as my everyday cell phone and laptop computer.  The RS-232 requirement just gets in the way.

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