Re: RS-232

Dale Ghent

On Jul 16, 2020, at 2:19 PM, Peter Natscher <> wrote:

What are you connecting your CP4 RS-232 directly to? What other external devices have RS-232 ports? Why continue to rely on RS-232-to-USB adapters anymore? I would think that most AP mount owners who connect their mounts to an external device, commonly a laptop or imaging device, they would only need USB ports. RS-232 is so old and outdated.
RS-232, the protocol, is still quite relevant and still useful for low-bandwidth synchronous communication between devices.

Are you complaining about the 9-pin D-sub style physical interface? The CP4/CP5 has those, but also a USB type-B plug that can be used instead. Have you ever looked at one of these before? RS-232 signaling can exist over many different physical layers.

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